The Roundup: The Winners of the Nebula Awards

It’s a big universe out there, and the winners of some of Earth’s most prestigious science fiction/fantasy prizes has been announced. This and more is highlighted below.

1. The winners of the 2012 Nebula Awards have been announced.

2. Penguin Books pays millions to settle lawsuit.

3. The technique of Ancient Greek and Roman Artisans.

The Nebula Awards have announced their winners for 2012, among them being Kim Stanly Robinson’s novel 2312.

Timothy Cromer, an ex-Detroit Library official, has been charged with $1.4 million worth of bribes.

Penguin Books, in an effort to resolve the accusations made against it in the e-book price-fixing lawsuit that has been waged against multiple publishers, as agreed to pay $75 million to “cover consumer damages plus costs and fees relating to antitrust claims of unlawful e-book price-fixing.”

FlavorWire highlights its choices for the “20 Most Beautiful Libraries on Film and TV”.

The Art Institute of Chicago has created a series of videos showcasing the methods used by Ancient Greek and Roman artists in the making of pottery and the like.

The Tin House, with a series of short interviews, discovers that writers are more than just creators –they, too, are fans of various properties themselves.

Books-A-Million, experiencing profitability amongst the financial troubles of its competitors, is opening Michigan stores in old Borders locations.

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