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  • By This You Shall Know, by Benjamin Jacobson

    Of Blood and Frogs – July 17, 2015 The river ran red.  My daughter waded knee deep in the crimson cascades and raised waves with her outstretched fingers.  The flashes from the reporters’ cameras froze her playful splashes in place for a series of eternal moments. Steve’s hand grasped my shoulder, drawing my attention.  “She’s a natural, Aaron, a real beauty.  She could be a model.” He spoke haltingly, a middle age man uncomfortable commenting on the attractiveness of a prepubescent girl.  Steve brought me here, to the shores of the red river. I brought Miriam.  We came to reassure

Featured Poem

  • Mister Music by Cristina Leone

    Dear Mister Music, throw me a line. Cast me a life-laden strain of your voice, a rich-coloured strand spun fast across time; pull me back into feeling, don’t leave me a choice. In your vibrations, you tear but won’t yield as you swim straight through endless klatches and pools of memory, gently eroding my shield and unwinding the thoughts bound in terse, tangled spools. Hold me one note, that we people can hear sustained amid discord so we can derive from it our own harmonies, grip them dear, feel their swells lilting within us – survive. Though chaos may clutch


  • Book Review: Duke: A Life of Duke Ellington, by Terry Teachout

    There isn’t any music more American than Jazz.  It’s the most prominent art-form that Americans can present to the world as originated in the New World.  When jazz, which derived from ragtime and blues music, first arrived on the scene, it created a stir.  Although musicians performed dance music before, never before had such sensual and wild rhythms reached the mainstream of Western society.  Preachers denounced it as the music of the devil.  Social critics wondered whether embracing such entertainment would lead to civilization’s downfall.  And the racial element couldn’t be ignored; how and why was this Black (or “race”

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